Physical Design (PD)

Skill set up and course for block fabricate/complete chip advancement with timing conclusion involving industry-standard apparatuses for errands like Synthesis, Floor Plan, Placement, CTS, Signal Integrity, IR Draw, EM, Low Power Checks and Signoff checks. Broad Knowledge in actual confirmation like DRC, LVS, Antenna, Density in most recent hubs like 14nm, 10nm. Experience in DFT Techniques like Scan, Best, ATPG, Boundary Scan.

At ABC, Physical Design Service contributions are included having mastery in after spaces

Progressive/Flat level chip execution
  • IO Planning/Floor-Planning/Power Planning/P&R/Metal Fills
  • Mastery in 14nm, 28nm, or more.
  • Flip Chip plans with Package Level Interactions and conclusion.
  • Configuration Partitioning and Hardening.
  • DFT check addition and Timing conclusion in Functional/Test modes.

Core Hardening or square Build improvement
  • Unique view age and sticking.
  • UPF/CPF stream improvement.
  • MMMC based planning enhancement.
  • Timing Budgeting and conclusion.

Die-size advancement and related prearranging and mechanization support
  • Region assessment of Macros/IOs
  • Assessment dependent on Bond Pads, accessible rationale region.